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Resourcing Next Generation Social Change Leaders.

SIA is a platform to equip social change makers with the tools and resources they need to make change happen. SIA is designed as capacity development and skills-building program for the social sector practitioners. Our training cater for a wide range of audience within the social sector, from emerging social entrepreneurs at the initial stage of their ideas, and those who have already tested and looking to scale. Our training are also widely beneficial to non-profit staffers, leaders and other social sector professionals looking to add new skills that position them to increase productivity and impact. We recognize the need in the sector is constantly changing; and that in today’s societies, staying in the game means staying equipped with cutting edge tools and knowledge to meet the challenges and demands of the sector.

Whether you are a new or emerging social entrepreneur, a community leader, non-profit staffer or leader, or just a citizen interested to explore learning opportunities for social change, we have something for everyone to learn and grow.

We understand that our beneficiaries are in different stages and often require a different type of learning to scale up their impact, or start their journey. As such, our training is customized to suite a wide range of audience and sometimes specific to a skill area. We use a combination of workshops, seminars, case studies, group studies, individual learnings, and learning journeys. Our facilitators are drawn from experienced practitioners who understand context, theory, and practice and are poised to deliver every course with precision and wit that make learning accessible and practical.

Empowering Individual, Organisations and Communities!

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