Activating 'our' #NewNigeria

We are exploring Bold. New ideas for 'our' New Nigeria.

From Protest to Action: Activating our New Nigeria” seeks to leverage the increased passion of young Nigerians to demand accountability and from at all levels of government? as well as take forward some of the learnings from the shortcomings of the #EndSARS protests. Conceived as an initiative to answer some of the key questions such as how do we ensure that renewed interest of youth is not wasted and the #EndSARS protests do not go by the way of previous citizens' actions? How do we ensure adequate protection and safety for youth leaders working to stick it all out, speak amid government crackdown and anti-citizens actions? How do we ensure the rights of protesters, women, vulnerable groups are protected as they continue to demand and fight for their rights. 

First, we are activating the Youth Alliance for New Nigeria (YANN) Campaign as a digital knowledge exchange hub. The DoSomething Platform will serve as collective action platform designed to mobilize, empower and resource young Nigerians in their renewed interest to demand accountability and deliver 'our' New Nigeria. This platform will identify, train, curate, share resources and tools for community action and activism for anyone interested in locally-led social change. 

Second, through the instrumentation of the Community Change Champion Program; we seek to identify, train and engage 20 high potential youth leaders who emerged from the protest and other networks, create a community of action and resources as well as training that empowers them with key skills, access mentorship and networks of leaders, institutions and resources that can strengthen their work as change champions. They will undertake yearlong capacity development champions as the inaugural Champions of New Nigeria.  

Third, we are organizing the first-ever Youth Conversations for New Nigeria: a series of national debates and community town halls consultations designed to create awareness and highlight policy issues of importance to young Nigerians from communities to campuses. Inspired by the ideas and contributions for 24 town halls across the geo-political zones, we will produce and launch the Nigeria Youth manifesto entitled - "A Nigeria for the Many, Not the Few: A Manifesto for Nigeria we desire" with a national launch in Abuja.   

And lastly, through our LegalCommons Initiative, we will identify a number of policies issues of importance to young Nigerians and advanced public interest cases to test the validity of these policies and advocate for change through the instrumentation of the law. We will also provide legal support for youth leaders and activists who needs it.   

FPA is funded under the Voice Program by the Ministry of International Affairs, Government of Netherlands and implemented by Oxfam and Hivos.

Together, we can deliver 'our'
#NewNigeria in our lifetime.

FPA is for youths by youths, we welcome young Nigerians to
support this effort to birth a #NewNigeria in our lifetime.