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About Us.

Citizen Commons is a non-profit that empowers everyday people to take action to solve small and big societal challenges using the power of collaboration, innovation and technology. Through our Community spaces, we provide the platform to incubate big social ideas, empower citizens to take action and tackle big problems, increase civic participation, engage in conversations and dialogue that challenges status quo, and increase civic engagement. Our community bring together visionaries to explore innovative solutions to everyday societal challenges, we empower and raise a new generation of leaders and active citizens. We provide resources and tools for change makers to pursue ambitious ideas and everyday people to join the mission to make our world a better place.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s leading citizen action empowerment organization, championing the social, economic and political transformation of the continent through active citizens and empowered global leaders.

Our Mission

To empower, educate and resource everyday citizens and change makers in their effort to take on big issues, using innovation, technology and collaboration; we are raising a new generation of active citizens and leaders; with local grounding and global awareness, solving small and big societal issues.

We incubate and resource social ideas and organizations for increased citizen action to improve the quality of democracy, accountability, peace, social, political and economic transformation.

We empower,

everyday citizens with tools and resources to take action through civic education, access to resources, advocacy and campaign trainings.

We work

with students and youth leaders to develop their leadership skills and position them to be active citizens and responsible future leaders.

We create the platform (Community Spaces) that engages, empowers and resources everyday people to take action, find innovative solutions to solve social issues.

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We facilitate

citizens input in policy making through structured conversations on topical issues and campaigns; creating platforms to cultivate civic dialogue, engage leaders and policy makers and find collective action for common good through dialogue, research and technology and innovation

Our community (Impact) Spaces

provides spaces for change makers and everyday citizens to meet other change makers, collaborate and develop their ideas, access technology and other tools that helps finetune their advocacy and intervention projects. It also serves as an event space, co-working spaces, meeting spaces, and impact lounge and changemakers hub.

Our flagship Impact space (eCove.Spaces) is located in Wuse II Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. The 3500+ sqf space houses a number of non-profits as a co-working space, it is equipped with a conference room, SDG lounge, private and shared offices, meeting rooms, with high speed interne It offers an opportunity for everyday citizens and changemakers to connect with their peers, and work on their passion in a cosy, inspiring and friendly environment. eCove offer training and capacity development for social impact. We have plans to open three other locations over the next two years (Lagos, Port Harcourt and Kano) Learn more >

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Supporting New Public Leaders

We leverage our commitment to citizens’ interest to empower and guide public office holders and strengthen their strategy to deliver services and offer responsive leadership built on the citizens needs and interest.

We offer trainings and capacity development programs for new public leaders, providing new understanding and insights on grassroot mobilization, political awareness and accountability in government. Our flagship trainings are offered through the New Leaders Academy (NLA) this program is designed for new and emerging public leaders, it provides targeted learning on citizen focused public leadership.

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Non-Profit Resourcing and Capacity Development

We provide capacity development and resourcing for new and emerging non-profits. Our training offered through strategic partnerships with other organizations provide emerging non profit (civil societies, CSOs, CBOs, charities etc) with skills to start right and optimize impact. Our trainings covers a wide range of issues such as, legal, compliance and corporate governance, grant and resource mobilization, management and leadership practices, recruiting volunteers, advocacy and campaigns, partnership and collaboration (global,regional and local) etc.

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Student Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Student Leadership: We provide opportunities for student leaders to develop skills and access resources that help enhance their ability to deliver quality leadership in their roles as administrators, representatives, policy makers and responsible citizens.

Student Entrepreneurship We provide opportunities for student entrepreneurs to develop skills and access resources that can help them start and grow their business. Whatever stage they are in their entrepreneurial journey we provide support that can deliver business success

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we are enabling worldchangers.